2.5 MB image of the map courtesy Brookhaven National Laboratory and Yale UP. For what it's worth, I think it's a duotone, not a color image.

Formerly the largest image (though still unsatisfactory) from "New fight over old map: Debate over oldest map of America flares again" by John Whitfield for Nature August 1, 2002. This is an excellent basic overview.

Vinland Map and close-up of Vinland courtesy "Cartographic Images". An enormous database of high-quality images of maps, ancient to modern.

Translation of the text above "Vinland" and some rather low-quality redrawn images.

Web Archive: The Vinland Map, Close-ups. Formerly the best maps on the internet.

Sigurd Stefansson's map, with Vinland (1500s) from "The Norse in the North Atlantic" from the Memorial University of Newfoundland's attractive Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage website.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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