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"New fight over old map: Debate over oldest map of America flares again" by John Whitfield for Nature August 1, 2002. This is an excellent basic overview.

"Is the Vinland Map a Fake? Two Conflicting Scientific Papers Reopen Ongoing Debate" from NPR's "Morning Edition with Bob Edwards" (August 5, 2002)

New York Times: "Study Casts Disputed Map as False Link to Vikings" by John Noble Wilford (February 26, 2000). Working again

"Fresh doubt over America map" from BBC News. Covers Analytical Chemistry article.

"Was 'Old' Map Faked to Tweak the Nazis?" by Emily Eakin for the New York Times 9/14/02. Eakin lays out Seaver's proposal nicely. Requires registration to view, and the article will switch to "pay-only" mode soon.

PBS Newshour "The World Before Columbus." Transcript of interview with Smithsonian Director Washburn in Feb. 1996 after ink-based criticism fell through.

"Un jésuite allemand serait l'auteur de la fausse carte du Vinland" by Christiane Galus, Le Monde, August 13, 2002.

"Continuing Vinland Map feud might make Musmanno smile" The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2/29/2000) reports on the McNaughton study, with an emphasis on the views of the Penn. Supreme Court justice Musmanno, who had long criticized the map. By Michael A. Fuoco.

"Yale researchers prove Vikings were here first" by Katherine Newbegin for the Yale Daily News. (2/13/96) Now working

Web Archive: Tales of the "Un-Fake" by Jennifer Kaylin for the Yale Alumni Magazine (May 1996). Rather detailed article, with the sort of hyper hyperlinking favored in 1996. Now working

"La carte des Vikings: un faux," French rehash of the NYT article. (Agence Science-Presse, Feb. 28, 2000)

French: "Un jésuite allemand serait l'auteur de la fausse carte du Vinland" extract from the Le Monde article.

Hungarian. I don't know about you, but I find nothing more incomprehensible than Hungarian. Only proper nouns give one any sense of what's being talked about.

Press Releases

"Scientists Determine Age of New World Map: 'Vinland Map' parchment predates Columbus's arrival in North America," press release from Brookhaven National Laboratory. Includes a wonderful 2.5 MB image and a video, wherein chemist Garman Harbottle explains the dating process.

"Vinland Map Parchment is 15th Century Radiocarbon Tests Show" press release from the University of Arizona, written by Lori Stiles (July 29, 2002)

"Scientists Determine Age of First New World Map: 'Vinland Map' Parchment Predates Columbus' Arrival in North America" Smithsonian Press Release.

"Raman probe sheds light on old map: Tell-tale spectroscopy of pigments showing 'America' in a Viking map backs up claims that it is a 20th-century forgery." by Michael Hatcher, for (July 31, 2002). Hatcher is interested in the optic devices used.

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