Ecumenism and Heresy

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Orthodox Opposition to Ecumenism

"Ecumenism Awareness" from the Orthodox Christian Information Center. Forceful arguments against "Ecumenistic Orthodoxy" as an "ecclesiological heresy." Contains numerous subpages, many independently linked to by me.

"An Ecclesiological Position Paper for Orthodox Opposed to the Pan-Heresy of Ecumenism" by Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili.

"St. Mark of Ephesus and the False Union of Florence" by Archimandrite Amvrossy Pogodin (Orthodox Christian Information Center).

Holy Canons and Patristic Quotes Related to Ecumenism (Orthodox Christian Information Center).

"The Price of Ecumenism: How ecumenism has hurt the Orthodox Church" by Fr. John Reeves from The Christian Activist.

"Christian Unity as Viewed by the Eastern Orthodox Church." 1957 anti-ecumenical statement Representatives of the Greek Orthodox Church in USA (Orthodox Christian Information Center).

"An Encyclical Concerning the Balamand Statement: A Warning to the Faithful" by Bishop Ephaim of Boston (Orthodox Christian Information Center).

"Orthodox and Vatican Agreement: Balamand, Lebanon, June 1993" by John S. Romanides. Published in Theologia, 1993 (Orthodox Christian Information Center).

Letter to the Patriarch of Constantinople from the Sacred Community of Mount Athos. On Balamand (Orthodox Christian Information Center).

The Heresy of Ecumenism and the Patristic Stand of the Orthodox by Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili. Book-length. (Orthodox Christian Information Center)

Web Archive: Report of a meeting between the Georgian and Russian Orthodox Churches' respective Departments for External Church Relations, March 1998. The Georgian church had recently withdrawn from the World Council of Churches.

Web Archive: Turmoil in the Georgian Orthodox Church: Origins and Repercussions Interview between Russian and Georgian Orthodox officials, July, 1997. Concerns Georgian withdrawal from WCC.

"Ecumenism and the Rights of the People of God" excerpt from Orthodox Tradition (Orthodox Christian Information Center).

Ecumenism by Archbishop Vitaly of Montreal and Canada (Orthodox Christian Information Center).

Orthodox Support of Ecumenism

Web Archive: The Orthodox in the Ecumenical Movement: A Short History by Fr. George Tsetsis.

Web Archive: Orthodoxy and Ecumenism. Texts brought together by Peter Bouteneff to show that ecumenism is not a heresy.

Web Archive: Witness to the World by Fr. John Meyendorff on Ecumenism. Collected pro-ecumenical editorials written for the OCA newspaper, The Orthodox Church, between the late 60's and the early 80's.

Web Archive: The Church, the Seminary and the Ecumenical Movement by Fr. Thomas Hopko. Short defense of his participation in the ecumenical movement.

Web Archive: "Orthodox Ecumenism: A Contradiction in Terms?" by Peter Bouteneff, Orthodox WCC Official (published in Communion July 1997).

Web Archive:

Replies to "Orthodox Ecumenism" by various corespondents, published in Communion October 1997.

Web Archive:

"Orthodox Ecumenism: Speaking to the responses" reply by Peter Bouteneff, published in Communion, 1998.

Web Archive: "Canonical status of hierarchs" excerpt from article by Metropolitan Isaiah, criticizing the "widespread, indiscriminate, and irresponsible use of the terms 'heretical' and 'schismatic'."

Web Archive: "The Given and the Unknown" by Sergei Chapnin, from Nezavisimaia gazeta, March 18, 1998. Dissects the "ideological and even overtly political motivation" for many anti-ecumenical arguments. Also here.

Web Archive:'s ecumenism page. Links (pro and con) nicely described by Benjamin Andersen.

Web Archive: "Orthodoxy and Ecumenism" by Fr Gregory.

Web Archive: Statement on the Relationship of the Orthodox Church to the World Council of Churches. Pro-Ecumenical.

Catholics Respond to Orthodox Anti-Ecumenism

Web Archive: "A Response to Orthodox Critiques of Catholic Apostolicity" by David Armstrong, with much on Orthodox anti-ecumenicalism.

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