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Commercial Mona Lisa modifiers makes personalized Mona Lisa images (like the "Mona Stephanie ") for a fee. They also make Warhols and others.

Renaissance Roux: Anthropomorphic Classics. Joyce Haynes paints your pet as the Mona Lisa, and other famous works of art, like Ingres' Odalisque and Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Custom Pet Portraits has a Mona Lisa option.

Your face on the Mona Lisa offered by Hannen Design Studios.

Different media

Mathematician Robert Bosch makes domino Mona Lisa portrait and other artworks using complete sets of dominoes. Article by Ivars Peterson, from Muse (September 2003).

Robert Bosch's Domino Artwork with the Mona Lisa and other portraits—all for sale.

Photomosaics by Rob Silvers. Includes a Mona Lisa photomosaic, apparently composed of other major works of art. The image is large, but you still can't see the photo-tesserae well.

Mona Lisa Lego Mosaic from Eric Harshbarger's Professional LEGO Sculpting and Mosaic Building. Yes, he does professional lego work.

"The Michelangelo of Lego" by Leander Kahney, Wired News (September 2000), on Harshbarger and his art. I particularly enjoyed this bit of dot-com insanity:

"His latest creation is a 35,000-piece Lego desk for a Seattle e-commerce company, which wanted the desk to lure a new employee it was keen to hire. The desk was even written into the worker's employment contract, Harshbarger said."

Since I know you want to know, here's Harshbarger's page on the desk. God, I want one too.

Mona Lisa stamps compiled by Victor Manta.

Artist galleries

Mona Lisa with a cat in her lap from a very amusing gallery of Cats in Art , by Susan Herbert.

Mujahidin Mona Lisa by Banksy, an insurgent grafitti artist, who has an amusing website.

Everybody's Mona Lisa 1-6. Collages by Danny Dries. In a way, Dries is doing the same thing this site attempts to do.

Digital Mona Lisa. Not what you'd think, but a site about a version created in 1964 and representing the then-state-of-the-art. Gray density created by digits. Owner is trying to sell the image.

Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, has a page on their copy of the image.

Various GIF-animation versions by Ed Stephan.

Colored Mona Lisa prints by Steve Kaufman, available from I. Brewster and Company.

"My Craft Showroom" offers Mona Lisa items, with animals added. . Where else can you get a t-shirt with one of three llamas to chose from, "or use your own llama photo" instead? Here's Mona Lisa with Dogs —with over 100 different breeds!

Mona Lisa's Many Moods. More than a dozen variants, assembled by M. Schott.

The Wax Museum ("at Fisherman's Warf"), San Francisco, CA. has a press page with an image of their Mona Lisa. I don't find any of their images true-to-life, and their website is the pits.

Filling in the mouth and nose. Art project gave artists mouthless, noseless Mona Lisas and asked them to return them filled-in. The only one I could find online is this one by Colin Upton. Some info on the project is available on the official The City of Surrey website.

Highland, Indiana Scarecrow Contest, with a Mona Lisa scarecrow.

Susan Herbert's paintings, subbing cats into famous paintings. The Mona Lisa's there, of course, but I particularly liked versions of Ingres, Rossetti, ad others.

Classic paintings with a coke added in , a student project at the Fort McMurray Catholic Schools.

A remarkable collection of someone Photoshopping themselves into famous art, much more than just the Mona Lisa. Apparently by Alex.

Imagina/e's versions , as ape, with a toothy-smile, as a smiley face, as Björk. (There's a whole gallery of Björk mods.) The site Imagina/e has a lot of interesting, odd, disturbing Photoshop work.

Fear and Loathing, including "Art History in Corporate-Sponsored Schools?" with a McDonald's-sponsored Mona Lisa and similar art.

Collections of others' work

The Mona Lisa Mailart Show—dozens of versions mailed from all over the world—from Rusty Clark's Tabloid Trash.

Extensive gallery from Mona Lisa Exposed (Tufts University). Includes twelve take-offs by Ahmet Kurt, a wonderful set of viewer-reaction photos by Robert Doisneau and others.

The Green Gallery of the Web has Mona Lisa as a Frog, and many other frog take-offs. The site also features a huge collection of frog stamps and other rananalia.

Da Vinci stamps including Mona Lisas from Germany, France, and Albania.

Si la Joconde m'était contée... a wonderful collection of re-dos.

La Joconde au Museé de la Carte Postale. A wonderful collection of French postcard images.

"metafor gallery" Turkish site has lots of famous-art parodies, including some Mona Lisa ones.

Computer programs

View Morphing investigation by Steve Seitz, Chuck Dyer has an movie of the Mona Lisa morphing side-to-side.

Mona Lisa example from MacOSaiX, Mosaics for Mac OS X. One really cool feature: you can set it to draw the mosaic images from Google images.


Mona Lisa / Photoshop Tutorial by Pier Paolo Bortoluzzi, making a Keira Knightly Mona Lisa.

Transforming Mona Lisa from Art/Technology teacher Olejarz's, Eisenhower Middle School, Wyckoff, NJ. Some advice on how students can make their own Mona Lisa, and a wonderful gallery of student's work. Although none are technically superior, there's some real creativity in "Egyptian Mona" and others. Olejarz has similar projects on Munch's The Scream and Wood's American Gothic.

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