Mona Lisa Pictures, Different Media

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It looks like abstract artwork but it's a ipumkin carving patterni Project Blinkenlights Paris installation Japan-esy Mona Lisa made of chocolate fromTokyos Salon du chocolat
It looks like abstract artwork, but it's a pumkin carving pattern.
700 x 893
Project Blinkenlights Paris installation
1280 x 901
Japan-esy Mona Lisa made of chocolate, fromTokyo¹s Salon du chocolat
340 x 254
mona-lisa-media from iLeonardo The Secret Life of Mona Lisai Mona Lisa barn Wisconsin now gone
460 x 640
from Leonardo: The Secret Life of Mona Lisa
2071 x 1349
Mona Lisa barn, Wisconsin (now gone)
233 x 300
a mime Mona Lego by Eric Harshbarger Mona Lego detail
a mime
949 x 1041
Mona Lego, by Eric Harshbarger
640 x 480
Mona Lego (detail)
640 x 480
Mona Lego detail snow art photo by Gerard Kelly mona-lisa-media
Mona Lego (detail)
640 x 480
snow art, photo by Gerard Kelly
1024 x 768
1079 x 1481
Mona Lisa scarecrow taken at a wax museum I'm not sure which mona-lisa-media
Mona Lisa scarecrow
319 x 391
taken at a wax museum; I'm not sure which
960 x 1280
600 x 400
ties Digital Mona Lisa Digital Mona Lisa detail
350 x 239
Digital Mona Lisa (1964)
296 x 426
Digital Mona Lisa (detail)
296 x 426
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