Mona Lisa Pictures, Strange Heads

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mona-lisa-heads mona-lisa-heads by Guido Poggi
287 x 413
420 x 573
by Guido Poggi
574 x 802
mona-lisa-heads by Leismller mona-lisa-heads
360 x 560
by Leismüller
425 x 603
157 x 228
Lisalien by Joshua Anderson mona-lisa-heads by Joyce Haynes
"Lisalien" by Joshua Anderson
360 x 360
300 x 461
by Joyce Haynes
126 x 172
by Joyce Haynes by Joyce Haynes by Susan Herbert
by Joyce Haynes
126 x 160
by Joyce Haynes
127 x 160
by Susan Herbert
240 x 330
by Guido Poggi Mona by Sylvia Long Mona Lisamouse Rita Greer
by Guido Poggi
574 x 802
"Mona" by Sylvia Long (1993)
319 x 442
"Mona Lisamouse," Rita Greer (1977)
259 x 290
by John Brise iThat makes utwou Grouch-Lisasi iand againibrby Amazon Sally
by John Brise
325 x 325
That makes two Grouch-Lisas
197 x 325
and again
by Amazon Sally
200 x 275
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