Mona Lisa Pictures, Minor Modifications

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Duchamp LHOOQ imoving Mona Lisa with juvenileadult surprisei wardrobe malfunction
Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q. (1919)
330 x 521
moving Mona Lisa, with juvenile/adult "surprise"
300 x 284
(wardrobe malfunction)
300 x 467
McDonalds-sponsored Mona Lisa Salvador Dali Self Portrait as Mona Lisa Christmas Mona Lisa
McDonalds-sponsored Mona Lisa
367 x 562
Salvador Dali, Self Portrait as Mona Lisa (1954)
450 x 645
Christmas Mona Lisa
300 x 438
with a cold sick Mona Lisa French postcard
with a cold
286 x 430
sick Mona Lisa
200 x 278
French postcard
265 x 402
Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbia t-shift for sale imakes different expressionsi playing clarinette
"Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbia" t-shift for sale
244 x 306
makes different expressions
144 x 144
playing clarinette
220 x 316
mona-lisa-minormods mona-lisa-minormods trekkie
800 x 600
263 x 394
300 x 423
punk Sarajevo mona-lisa-minormods
334 x 393
Sarajevo 1993
503 x 768
250 x 389
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