Thank you for helping develop the Classical Library

In setting up online commentaries, the editor hopes to encourage serious scholars, professionals and hobbyists, to contribute their knowledge to the understanding of the texts online. The commentary is intended to be informative, but informal and non-definitive. Contributors are encourage to link their commentary to resources available on the internet.


The commentary should be accessible to non-specialists without knowledge of ancient languages or access to a research library.

  • Greek should be in Latin-alphabet transliteration.
  • Translations should be provided for any Greek and Latin quoted.
  • Scholarly works should be referred to by their full name.
  • The practice of referring to a text's author by a single letter (i.e. "N." for Nepos) can be confusing and should be avoided.

Non-definitive character

There is no requirement on the part of contributors to agree on questions or method, or even specifics.

Please email the editor ( if you need your commentary changed or deleted. This feature will be automated in the near future.

Sections and pages

Section breaks are indicated in the texts. It was not, however, possible to set up the pages according to these numbering systems. Therefore "eumenes4.html" is not the same as section four. Because these pages may be reformatted, contributors should reference the traditional numbering systems.

Password policy

A password system was introduced to prevent board-spamming and put some barriers in the way of non-scholarly posting.

There are two ways to get a password:(1) guess the question (2) ask the editor ( If you receive a password from the editor, you will also be assigned a regular contributor abbreviation. Include your favorite abbreviation with the email (see a list of current abbreviations).

Thank you, Tim Spalding

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