Isidore of Seville presents

Isidore of Seville's Classical Library
A Library of Ancient Texts with User-Submitted Commentary

Welcome to the Classical Library. Here you will find translations of osbscure and not-so-obscure ancient texts, with commentary developed by the editor and by users. (This means you can add to it.) Many of the texts were scanned in by me. The sign indicates the work is on the web for the first time. The sign indicates that a particular translation is on the web for the first time.

Justin, Epitome (bks. 11 and 12, on Alexander)

Arrian, Events after Alexander (from Photius' epitome)

Sallust, Jugurtha

Anon., Periplus of the Erythraean Sea

Thucydides, Histories

Arrian, Indica

Aeneas Tacticus, Defending a City During A Seige

Appian, The War against Mithridates

Suetonius, Lives of Caesars

Procopius, The Secret History

Polybius, Histories (bks. 1-5)

Aelian, Historical Tidbits (Varia Historia)

Herodotus, Histories

Hanno, Periplus

Plutarch, Alexander, Lucullus, Pompey

Theophrastus, On Weather-Signs

Nepos, Life of Datames, Life of Eumenes and Life of Aristides.

Berossus, Fragments

Anon., Aetna (now working!)

[Melampus], On Birthmarks, On Twitches

Anon., The Battle of Frogs and Mice

Once I get up a full head of steam I plan to add all the public domain texts already on the web and turn this site into the premier location for classical texts in English.

To that end, I'm looking for Classical texts, especially of authors not yet online or hidden away where no one can find them, and assistant editors to edit OCR text and add a skeleton commentary. Mail me at if you're interested.

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