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Gouden Hoorn news archive

(June 5, 2001): Volume 8, issue 2 (Spring 2001) is now online.

(March 17, 2001): Until now, Greek text in the online versions of Gouden Hoorn articles has been transliterated in Latin characters. We are now in the process of adding additional Unicode (UTF-8)-encoded versions of these articles, containing real polytonic Greek characters.

To view these articles as intended, you need:

  • A browser that understands Unicode
  • A Unicode font that contains glyphs for polytonic Greek characters
  • Your browser correctly set up to use this font

The first available article is The Real and the Individual: Byzantine concepts of the Resurrection, by Dirk Krausmüller, originally published in Volume 5, issue 1 (summer 1997). More to follow soon.

Further information and help with Unicode and Greek characters can be found at the Greek Font Unicode Converter web page by Sean Redmond.

Practical information about Unicode in general can be found at Alan Wood's Unicode Resources.

The Unicode Home Page is the official Unicode web site.

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