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Late Antiquity

Isidore-of-Seville.com - by our host, Tim Spalding; an impressive set of guides and web directories to Classical and Medieval history (among other things).
Society for Late Antiquity
St.Pachomius Library - uncopyrighted English translations of the Church Fathers, the acts of the Christian martyrs, the proceedings of the Councils, the lives of the early saints, etc.

Byzantine sites

Paul Halsall's Byzantium-page
Levantia - a site for Byzantine and medieval Near Eastern social history, especially that explored by means of practical reconstruction and experimentation. By Tim Dawson. Available in English, French and German.


The website of the Bollandistes
Peregrina Publishing - translations of (mostly female) monastic texts as well as studies on spirituality.
Visiting a monastery on Mount Athos - especially useful for female visitors.


Classics Ireland - a journal from University College Dublin on the classical age.
The Greek dictionary Liddell & Scott
Encyclopaedia of Early Church History by Anthony F. Beavers, Karen Ræ Keck and Norman Hugh Redington.


Textual Criticism - online journal of Biblical textual criticism.

Links to churches

Syriac Orthodox Resources
Suryoyo Online: Syrisch-Orthodoxe Kirche/Syrian Orthodox Church
The Patriarchate in Constantinople
The Coptic Church in Egypt
The Armenian Apostolic Church
The Never Lost Ark - an unofficial Ethiopian Orthodox links page.
The Holy See - official home page of the Roman Catholic Church.

Other links

Jan Pieter Kunst's Jos Kunst page - dedicated to the memory and the music of composer Jos Kunst (1936-1996).

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