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Normandy 1944 (Britannica) Site Map

Normandy 1944 (Britannica) Site Map

Normandy 1944 by Britannica.com site is an amazing site. All told it includes more than 200 supplementary articles, hundreds of photographs and maps, hours of audio and video and so forth. These resources are not ordered like a book. Rather, the editors have chosen to push the envelope of hyperlinked narrative. Perhaps because a site map would look like a bowl of spaghetti, none is provided.

This page is my attempt to produce a partial map of the site's highlights. I have concentrated primarily on the articles, omitting most of the "personal accounts" and film clips. You will find many under the primary and secondary headers.

  1. Buildup
    1. The Leaders and the Generals. Includes a good charts of the Allied and German chains of command. Command.
      1. Churchill
      2. Roosevelt
      3. De Gaulle
      4. Also: George S. Patton, Erwin Rommel, Omar N. Bradley, Bernard Law Montgomery.
    2. Training
    3. Fortress Europa.
      1. Atlantic Wall. Includes a nice chart.
      2. V-1 missile
    4. Seven Soldiers in Normandy. Schematic annotated drawings of each nation's soldiers.
  2. Invasion
    1. All the beaches contain nice maps.
    2. Omaha Beach. Includes a wonderful map of the defenses and of the planned assault.
    3. Pointe du Hoc. A nice essay on the US Army ranger is included.
    4. The Orne and Dives Air Assault Zones.
    5. The Cotentin Peninsula
      1. Matthew B. Ridgway
      2. James Gavin
      3. General Maxwell Taylor
    6. Utah Beach
    7. Juno Beach
      1. Miles Dempsey
    8. Gold Beach
    9. Landing Craft at Normandy
  3. Fighting Inland
    1. Shockwave (moving) map of the Battle for Caen
    2. Günther von Kluge
    3. The Sherman Tank
    4. Stockpile at the Beach. Includes an article on the Mulerry.
    5. Destruction from the Air. Here and there scattered rather strangely you will find articles on the Allied P-47 Thunderbolt, Spitfire, P-38, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24, B-25, DH-98 Mosquito and German BF 109, Fw 190, and other aircraft.
  4. Breakout
    1. Walther Model
    2. Paris Libéré
      1. Jacques-Philippe Leclerc
      2. Dietrich von Choltitz
  5. Normandy in Memory
    1. Estimated Casualties
    2. Raegan's 40th anniversary speech

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