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14-19c. Literature

Chaucer | Dryden, All for Love (1677) | Rider Haggard, Cleopatra (1889) | George Bernard Shaw, Caesar and Cleopatra (1899) | Other works


Chaucer's account of Cleopatra from The Legend of Good Women, on the Berkeley's Digital Library.

Dryden, All for Love (1677)

Amazon. "All for Love," or "The World Well Lost" by John Dryden (1677) with some favorable customer reviews.

Free e-text from Bartleby. [another text]

Text and audio of the beginning of All for Love from Early Modern English Texts a textbook support site with a number of other texts with audio.

Review of a 1977 Edinburgh Theatre production by J. W. Lambert.

Rider Haggard, Cleopatra (1889)

Amazon. Free e-text at Project Gutenberg.

Amazon. Rider Haggard, Cleopatra: Being an Account of the Fall and Vengeance of Harmachis, the Royal Egyptian, As Set Forth by His Own Hand.

Amazon. "La ambientacion en la Cleopatra de Rider Haggard" at by Miguel Angel Molinero Polo.

George Bernard Shaw, Caesar and Cleopatra (1899)

Amazon. Caesar and Cleopatra: A History by George Bernard Shaw.

A decent e-text from

1906 Theatre Magazine review (unknown author).

"As often as the Theatre Magazine has rejected Shaw's flippancies and half-truths, it has always recognized his skill as a dramatist. He has never shown it more clearly than in this play in which we have scenes of such great variety including farce, satire, the operatic, the spectacular, and true comedy and melodrama of the most distinct kind."

Text from the EServer drama collection.

IBDB (Internet Broadway Database) has a great page of Broadway performances of Shaw's plays, including various productions of Caesar and Cleopatra.

Other works

(1594) Samuel Daniel, The Tragedie of Cleopatra from a page on Daniel by Anniina Jokinen, part of Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature.

(1595) The Tragedie of Antonie by Robert Garnier, translated into English by the Countesse of Pembroke, put online by Renascence Editions.

eText: George Ebers' novel Cleopatra (1893), translated by Mary J. Safford.

Jodelle, Cleopatra Captive (1552), transcribed by G. Mallary Masters.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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