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Dress up!

Comment: I consider myself very restrained for having omitted Cleopatra-name cats, dogs, horses, ships, and so forth. But I can't omit the Halloween costumes—they too are Cleopatra's "image."

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Cleopatra and Me by mymeeshellept Webshots Cleopatra comin' at ya by latida Webshots NOTICE THE NAKED CLEOPATRA ON THE BOOK by vitale WebshotsbriHa Flamarion's booki
"Cleopatra and Me" by mymeeshellept2 (Webshots) New
600 x 800
"Cleopatra comin' at ya!" by latida03 (Webshots) New
480 x 640
"NOTICE THE NAKED CLEOPATRA ON THE BOOK...." by vitale1986 (Webshots)
Ha! Flamarion's book! New
800 x 600
CLEOPATRA by peglegschief Webshots Hi my name is Cleopatra Caesar und Cleopatra
"CLEOPATRA" by peglegschief (Webshots) New
640 x 480
"Hi, my name is: Cleopatra"
150 x 242
Caesar und Cleopatra
800 x 714
hotter than the real Cleopatra by iceprincess Webshots a punk rocker and Cleopatra by maluka WebshotsbriI love the hieroglyphs down the armi Cleopatra and the Fairy by gemmajl Webshots
"hotter than the real Cleopatra" by iceprincess42 (Webshots) New
533 x 800
"a punk rocker and Cleopatra" by maluka27 (Webshots)
I love the hieroglyphs down the arm New
1200 x 1600
"Cleopatra and the Fairy" by gemmajl (Webshots) New
480 x 360
Cleopatra more adult cleopatra-costume cleopatra-costume
Cleopatra, more adult
400 x 400
500 x 334
360 x 480
cleopatra-costume Brutus couldn't resist cleopatra-costume
269 x 500
Brutus (couldn't resist)
269 x 500
576 x 436
Cleopatra Shirley is Cleopatra Queen of the Nile--I mean--Queen on Drunkeness by amathess webshots Cleopatra comin' at ya by latida Webshots cleopatra and her sexy pharoah by katesecor Webshots
"Cleopatra? Shirley is Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile--I mean--Queen on Drunkeness." by amathess03 (webshots) New
1818 x 1228
"Cleopatra comin' at ya!" by latida03 (Webshots) New
1536 x 2048
"cleopatra and her sexy pharoah" by katesecor (Webshots) New
509 x 800
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