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20th Century to Today

Comment: Cleopatra's image continues to fascinate, even as portrayals both broaden in context and lose connection to the canonical texts and scenes—the "image" generates images, not the literary background. Some trends:

  • There's a lot more bric-a-brac.
  • Although the 17-19th century images are more risque, I have left out some images that are a bit more than that…
  • There are a lot of kids in Haloween costumes, but these have been sequested into the Dress Up! section

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Paola Gandolfi Cleopatra briNot inapt for the image of Cleopatrai New Year's Card Cleopatra from Historical Photographs postcard cleopatra-
Paola Gandolfi, Cleopatra (1997)
Not inapt for the image of Cleopatra
300 x 290
"New Year's Card: Cleopatra from Historical Photographs" postcard (1917) New
688 x 450
277 x 414
cleopatra- cleopatra- Note the microphone
360 x 454
400 x 300
Note the microphone
350 x 410
Teapot  Russian artists I can't read Russian Cleopatra by everestelle
175 x 204
1996 Russian artists (I can't read Russian)
514 x 396
"Cleopatra" by "everestelle"
1024 x 751
Cleopatra by Vincente Segrelles cleopatra- cleopatra-
"Cleopatra" by Vincente Segrelles New
872 x 1200
305 x 425
443 x 337
cleopatra- Valery Konevin Vojtech Vlk
1024 x 768
Valery Konevin
1142 x 827
Vojtech Vlk
281 x 369
Cleopatra by Sue Anna Joe Palmolive ad Enric C Ricart Antony and Cleopatra
"Cleopatra" by Sue Anna Joe New
267 x 400
Palmolive ad (1918) New
608 x 808
Enric C. Ricart, Antony and Cleopatra, 1939
371 x 620
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