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Cleopatra pictures, 19th Century

Comment: This site would hardly justify itself if it weren't for the wonderful images produced in the 16–19th centuries, when nudes were in fashion, orientalism was all the rage, and people knew their Greek and Latin literature. Some are simple portraits, but most depict scenes from ancient literature, or Shakespeare. Her death accouts for about a third of these images; other moments include her presentation to Caesar, meeting, banqueting or boating with Antony, and testing poisons on prisoners.

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Jean Andreacute Rixens Cleopatra Cleopatra and the Peasant by Delacroix Jean-Leon Gerome Cleopatra and Caesar
Jean André Rixens, Cleopatra (1874)
600 x 405
"Cleopatra and the Peasant" by Delacroix (1838)
800 x 594
Jean-Leon Gerome, Cleopatra and Caesar (1866)
378 x 557
Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners Mosegrave Bianchi Cleacuteopacirctre reine d'Eacutegypte Juan Luna The Death of Cleopatra s
Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners (1887).
289 x 228
Mosè Bianchi, Cléopâtre reine d'Égypte
611 x 750
Juan Luna, The Death of Cleopatra (1880s)
753 x 528
cleopatra- Joannes Echarius Carolus Alberti Proculeius weerhoudt Cleopatra ervan zich te doorsteken Cleopatra by Thomas Ridgeway Gould
640 x 800
Joannes Echarius Carolus Alberti, Proculeius weerhoudt Cleopatra ervan zich te doorsteken (1810)
790 x 600
"Cleopatra" by Thomas Ridgeway Gould (1873) New
322 x 450
Alma-Tadema Antony and Cleopatra Alexandre Cabanel Cleopatra Waterhouse
Alma-Tadema, "Antony and Cleopatra"
600 x 415
Alexandre Cabanel, Cleopatra
600 x 437
510 x 600
Frederick Bridgman Cleopatras Funeral Barge Edmonia Lewis Cleopatra c Margaret Foley Cleopatra -
Frederick Bridgman, Cleopatrašs Funeral Barge (1896?)
500 x 332
Edmonia Lewis, Cleopatra (c. 1876)
394 x 550
Margaret Foley, Cleopatra (1808-1887)
307 x 400
cleopatra- cleopatra- Another vesion the file is titled Cleopatra tryng out poisons on her lovers sic
516 x 756
779 x 691
Another vesion; the file is titled "Cleopatra tryng out poisons on her lovers" [sic] New
550 x 360
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