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Cleopatra Pictures, Ancient

Comment: If you are acquainted with Cleopatra through the Victorians, the images of her that have come down from Antiquity are something of a disappointment. First, they're not very numerous. Second, they seriously question the notion (addressed elsewhere on this site) that the original femme fatale was good looking. There are a couple things to say about this. First, ancient standards of beauty were different. Second, Cleopatra's ancient images were not designed to strike the eye, let alone titillate; some were designed to present the image she (or Marc Antony) wanted to present—eg., a touch leader—or, in the case of the Egyptian images, a Pharaoh just like the other Pharaohs (bow your head!).

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cleopatra-anc Bronze coin of Cleopatra VII - BC Bronze coin of CleopatraVII - BC
640 x 507
Bronze coin of Cleopatra VII (51-30 BC) New
600 x 600
Bronze coin of Cleopatra VII (48-30 BC) New
600 x 600
Bronze Coin of Cleopatra cleopatra-anc Unsure
Bronze Coin of Cleopatra New
256 x 120
543 x 614
220 x 307
cleopatra-anc Hermitage cleopatra-anc
300 x 229
196 x 449
324 x 648
cleopatra-anc At the Cleopatra exhibit
128 x 192
At the Cleopatra exhibit
567 x 390
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