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Angels in Islam

Brief summary of Angels in Islam from The Media Guide to Islam.

Angels in Islam assembled by Zafar Khan, with essays on Noble Angels of Islam, and a handy set of Angels in the Koran references. The text is solid, but the pink background can get distracting.

"Angels in Islam" by Alexis Twito, a competent student paper for Augsburg College, MN. "In the Islamic tradition, angels are so important that they almost appear to be a part of the godhead."

Angels in Islam. Non-Muslim lays out Islamic angelology in detail, partially from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Folktales and Stories

Amazon. Angels Unveiled: A Sufi Perspective by Muhammad Hisham Kabbani. For selections see below.

Three selections from Muhammad Hisham Kabbani's Angels Unveiled: The Angel of Death Calls, Izrail Takes the Life of an Ascetic and Dede Korkut and the Angel of Death . There is not a little similarity between these tales and the Jewish tales of tricking death. Or, for that matter, Bergman's chess game…

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