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Orthodox Angels

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Angels: Our Elder Brethren by (the recently sainted) Nicholai Velimirovic, Bishop of Zica. This is a lengthy exposition, citing scripture extensively. But unlike many religious angel pages, which feel like nature guides, this one is deeper. It ends by calling "from this valley of tears" for their prayers on our behalf.

Angels: Blessed Messengers of God by Bishop Alexender, Holy Trinity Orthodox Mission, La Canada, CA. Includes an addendum by Steven Bushnell on "Counterfeit Angels":

"Nearly all these books fail to consider that the devil and his legions of demons are fallen angels who can disguise themselves as angels of light to cause the destruction of our souls."

The World of the Angels reprinted from "Orthodox Russia" (1999). Three-part report gets into the major topics, including demons, and with the attention to celestial hierarchies characteristic of Orthodox pages. Covers functions of less-commonly venerated angels, like Jegudiel and Barachiel.


Orthodox Teachings on the Holy Angels, from the Orthodox Life (1968). Summarizes Ps-Dionysius. [mirror]

The Angels by Nabil Semaan, The Word (October 2003). Summary of Orthodox beliefs.

The Church's Teaching Concerning Angels apparently by Fr. Michael Pomazansky, from Orthodox Life (1977), translated from the Russian and citing Russian authors on various points.

Angels and Evil Spirits. Short summary of faith from the Orthodox Church in America.

Names and Ranks of Angels by Nun Martha of Pskov. Another summary of orthodox angelology.


Orthodox quotations including Chrysostom, Gregory Nazianzen, Evagrius, but also Bede. From St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas, TX.

Special topics

The Heavenly Host in Coptic Tradition by Otto Meinardu, Coptic Church Review (2000). A scholar reviews the evidence for a non-scholarly audience. In recent years there have been a number of apparitions of Michael, held in high regard generally. As Meinardu writes:

"These manifestations ought to be seen in the light of the present precarious situation of members of a beleaguered minority. Wholeheartedly they trust in the words of the prophecy that 'all that time the archangel Michael shall arise and deliver his people from all trouble' (Dan. 12: 1, 2)."

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